Mobisharks Oy is a small app development team based in sunny Helsinki (Finland). From concept to development to market expansion, we gather ambitious ideas and turn them into fast-moving products.

We operate in multitasking, self-contained teams that develop their own workflow. We believe that using this approach helps all of our members to feel equally valued and involved in the initiatives, as well as to fully develop their individual talents and abilities.

The team also has a friendly culture in which we rely on and encourage one another while also sharing our own experiences.

This makes working on projects more enjoyable, fascinating, and productive!
About Us
Open position - iOS Native developer
Mobisharks Oy is a small mobile app development company based in Helsinki (Finland).

Our goal is to make mobile applications in the most popular categories, such as traveling, design, augmented reality and entertainment.

We are looking for an experienced iOS Native developer who will build and lead the dev team.
Responsibilities for this position include developing new features for our apps, troubleshooting issues and fixing bugs. At the moment we have one active project released in both AppStore and Google Play. Two more projects are planned to be released within the next 1-2 months.
We work with individuals who are eager to improve their talents, organize their work, and create the next best product in a variety of categories.
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